Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton, South Gloucestershire


Our Mission

Our mission is to create an inclusive society by empowering adults who have learning disabilities to achieve purposeful and rewarding work opportunities. 

Our work is deeply integrated within the wider community to challenge perceptions of what people who have learning disabilities should expect from society.

At Props we foster independence and support people to grow in all aspects of their lives.

About Props

Here at Props, our vision is of a future where everyone who has a disability can do purposeful and rewarding work and contribute to their community.

To make this a reality, we provide the skills, support and work opportunities that are currently not accessible for young people and adults who have learning disabilities.

Our Training Support Services provide the building blocks of work and life skills, while our Enterprises focus on creating tailored pathways to work opportunities, challenging perceptions and breaking down barriers for people who have disabilities in the workplace.


Beaufort Arms, High Street, Hawkesbury Upton, South Gloucestershire GL9 1AU

Call 01454 238217 (primarily between 3pm & 5pm - other hours may present problems if we’re busy)

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